Many people ask me "what is your specialty?"  This is actually a tricky question.  My answer actually consists of several answers,
depending upon what a person is really wanting to know by asking it.

1)  Client Composition:

For those wanting to know the typical compositions of the clients I work with, it's very simple:  I flexibly treat individuals, couples,
and/or families, depending upon the needs of the situation and the goals and preferences of my clients.  

My training as both a Clinical Psychologist
and as a Marriage and Family Therapist has helped me feel comfortable and effective with
all three variations.

2) Areas of Experience:

Others are more interested in the main issues I've had experience working with in general. The following is a big list of the main
clinical issues I have experience working with since becoming a counselor/therapist in 1996:

Adjustment Issues, Addiction, Adolescents, Anger Management, Anxiety/Panic, Assertiveness Training, Bereavement, Boundary
Setting, Children, Chemical Dependency, Codependency, Communication, Couples Therapy, Depression, Divorce/Separation, Domestic
Violence, Family Therapy, Fears and Phobias, Grief/Loss, Habits, Hypnosis, Impulse Disorders, Marital Therapy, Men’s Issues, Pain
Management, Parenting, People Skills, Physical Abuse, PTSD/Trauma, Relationship Issues, Self-Esteem, Separation and Divorce,
Sexual Abuse, Sexual Addiction, Social Skills Training, Stress, Transitions, Weight Loss/Management, Women’s Issues

3)  Main Specialties

Finally, some want to know the main areas
within the typical issues I work with that I feel I am best at, most experienced with, and/or
most interested in.   Although this changes on a regular basis, the following is an approximation:

Anger Management
Grief/Life Transitions      
Pain Management
People Sills
Relationship Issues
Weight Loss/Management                        

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