Would you like to use your insurance to help pay for our sessions together? If so, read on below.

If you are not sure, read my "Self Pay vs. Insurance" web page by clicking the button link on the far left or by
clicking here.

Current Insurances: Here are the main insurances I am currently contracted with.  If your insurance is listed below, you may have your
sessions covered according to the terms of your package with them (will include a copay).

-Beech Street
-Blue Cross
-Blue Shield (Contracts with UBH for their therapy benefits)
-Great West (Contracts with Value Options for their therapy benefits)
-Managed Health Network (MHN--connected with Health Net and other companies)
-Mental Health Network (MH Net)
-Pacificare (Contracts with UBH for their therapy benefits)
-Private Health Care Systems (PHCS)
-Tri-Care/Tri-West/Champus (Military Insurance)
-United Behavioral Health/US Behavioral Health (UBH/USBH)
-Value Options

-All "Select PPOs"--regardless of company (meaning, PPOs that allow you to select anyone you would like to work with)

-When your insurance package includes "out of network benefits" (Call them to find out)

Current Employee Assistance Program (EAP) Insurances I Work With/Accepting:

-Managed Health Network (MHN)
-United Behavioral Health/US Behavioral Health (UBH/USBH)
-Value Options

Insurances I'm Not Currently With/Accepting):

-Behavioral Health Systems (BHS)
-First Health

-Any Other "HMO" or "POS" insurances not listed above as a "current insurance" (that
don't allow for "out of network benefits" to
choose providers not on their formal list)

If you find that you have an insurance company that I AM currently accepting new clients from--you may use your benefits to help pay
for your sessions with me if you'd like.  If so, simply follow these steps:

1) call up your company, 2) request counseling services with me (Randy Gilchrist), 3) write down your authorization number, the
number of initial sessions authorized, if there is a deductible, and your co-pay amount, and then 4) call me to schedule a session at
(916) 899-4990.

If you find that I am NOT currently contracted to provide counseling services with your insurance company, you can still get your
insurance to pay for part of the cost of our sessions together if you have:

1) An HMO insurance with "out of network provider benefits" as a part of your insurance plan, 2) A PPO insurance and are willing to
work with me as an "out of network provider" (both options typically require a slightly higher co-pay), or 3)  An HMO insurance
"out-of network provider benefits", but you ask them for permission to work with me as an out-of-network provider as a "one-time
exception" to your usual insurance plan.  If any of these situations apply to you, simply call up your insurance, ask to work with me as
an "out of network provider", and then follow the rest of the 4 steps from above as if I were contracted with them.  

Note:  for those with HMO insurance plans without "out-of-network provider benefits", remember this:  insurances can pay for
whomever they feel like paying for if they value your business enough. Giving them a decent reason to work with me as a "single case
exception" to your policy may help your cause if they're trying to deny your request.  

Possible good reasons you can state to work with me over their usual panel providers may include: my convenient location, my high
credentials or particular specialties, my convenient working hours, the difficulty finding one of their "on-panel therapists" that are
accepting new clients (or have any availability that works for you), and/or the personal recommendation of a friend regarding my
effectiveness as a counselor.  

Remember, the squeaky wheel gets the oil.  If you'd like to work with me but need your insurance benefits to make it financially
affordable, be persistent with them. If need be, ask to talk to their supervisor. After all, they work for YOU and they have a financial  
obligation and incentive to keep you happy.

Payment Details:

*Clients are responsible to pay all co-payment fees up front before each session (usually between $10-35 for HMOs and between
$10-65 for PPOs and out-of-network arrangements) . The only accepted methods of payment include check, cash (exact amount only),
or money order. I currently do NOT currently accept credit cards or debit cards.  

**For more information regarding payment options, please visit my "Self Pay vs. Insurance" page by clicking the button link on the far
left or by
clicking here.-
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