Custom Hypnosis Recording Service
*******Ordering Instructions*******

Order by following these 5 simple steps:

STEP 1:  Order by going to, log in to your account, select the “Send
Money” option, and send the appropriate money for your chosen number of 1-4 hypnosis
sessions ($150-$500--see price options below) to me (Dr. Randy Gilchrist) at  

(*If you are not yet registered with Pay Pal, simply create an account first by visiting, selecting “Sign Up” on the right side of the page, and following the
simple directions from there before ordering. Very easy).

Prices:  1 Session: $150, 2 Sessions: $275 (= $150 + $125), 3 Sessions $400 (= $150 +
$125 + $125), 4 Sessions: $500 (
best deal = $150 + $125 + $125 +$100); each additional
session beyond 4 sessions: + $100.

NOTE--I strongly suggest getting a pack of 4 hypnosis sessions for most issues for
maximum effectiveness and results, especially with stubborn anxiety, weight loss,
smoking cessation, and most other addiction and anxiety-related issues.

(By ordering, you agree to these few simple

STEP 2:  Email me answers to the following 12 questions to
(used to help me create your sessions):

Where did you hear about my service and what ultimately led you to decide to order?

What is your name, and what is the first name you'd like to be personally addressed
by in your sessions (if different)?

Which email address would you like me to send your completed hypnosis sessions to?
Also, please give me your cell # as well in case I need to text you for any reason along
the way.

What are all of the main goals / objectives and lesser goals you want help with (in
order of priority)? In other words, what do you want help with to change or improve?

What are the main problems, challenges, and difficulties your issue has caused you in
your life (and to what extent)?

What payoffs / rewards / reinforcements have you been getting from your problem
that have kept you stuck and going back to it?

7) What is the basic, essential
history / course of your problem from the beginning to
now (including family history, if applicable). Also, why you want to change now?

8) What have you
tried in the past to overcome your problem and why didn't it work (if
you know)? What
has worked for you to change and improve with your issue in the past
(at least temporarily)?

9) How well can you:

A) focus?
B) relax?
C) visualize/picture scenes in your mind?
D) recall recent memories when you choose to?
E) recall distant memories when you choose to?

(scale 1-10, with 1 being the weakest and 10 being the strongest in each area)

10) What are several of your favorite, relaxing / enjoyable places you enjoy going to?
Also, what is your favorite color, food, and activity? (These may be integrated into your
sessions if needed, depending on the focus / direction of the sessions).

11) What are 5 or more of the main
benefits you will enjoy (and/or hope to enjoy) when
you overcome and stay away from your problem / bad habit / addiction (both short and
long term)?

12) What are 5 or more
problems, hardships, and difficulties you suffer when you relapse
back into your problem / bad habit / addiction (both short and long term)?

STEP 3:  Within 2 weeks of your completed order and received email answers (7-14
calendar days, 14 maximum), I will record and email you your hypnosis sessions as MP3
audio files to download to your computer, along with instructions and other useful
supplementary information.

*By request: if desired, I can physically mail you your sessions by USPS on a flash drive
or on audio CDs.  If so, please let me know this + the address to send them to you. Also,
add $10 to your total Pay Pal order for shipping, handling, and materials. Otherwise I will
email you links to download the sessions directly to your computer.

STEP 4: Upload your hypnosis sessions from your computer to your preferred listening
device: cell phone, MP3 player, etc. Practice listening regularly to your hypnosis
sessions whenever you can reasonably relax and focus (usually once a day, such as at
bedtime).  Also if needed, email or text me for customer support along the way.

STEP 5: Notice your motivation, focus, and commitment increase and your mindset and
behaviors improve as you progress towards your goals to change!

That’s it!  So please give this excellent service a try, and then please invite others to do
so as well. I invite you to invest in your health and happiness now, and I will make it
worth your while. I will do my best, and as you do your best to practice listening, you can
have confidence in a positive outcome like many have enjoyed before you over the years
with this service.

--Dr. Randy Gilchrist
Randy Gilchrist, Psy.D.
1899 East Roseville Parkway Suite 100
Roseville, CA  95661
(916) 899-4990
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